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Morph House

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Morph House: home of aspiring start-ups


Having founded multiple companies ourselves, we know that the start-up journey is riddled with highs and lows - it’s in equal parts exhausting and exhilarating, and you often don’t know what’s waiting around the corner. Most importantly, we know it’s a journey no start-up should do alone.


Welcome to Morph House


At Morph, we take a hands-on approach to the companies we invest in; we’re there to help, advise and empower them on their road to success. And one of the ways in which we do that is by giving them a home in Morph House, our start-up hub based by the lakes in the centre of Copenhagen. 


Creating a community that aids success


Start-up life isn’t just product development and funding rounds, it’s a million other things too, including building culture, hiring new employees, creating a brand, facing challenges and celebrating successes. It involves a whole lot of pivoting, despairing and cheering - and how better to do that than surrounded by others going through the same journey? 


As a close-knit community of start-ups, the companies resident in Morph House have close relationships with each other and share their experiences and advice with each other. They also have a lot of fun together, from working out in Morph House’s gym, Klub500, to ending the week with Friday bars. 


And it’s not just the start-ups who help each other out - creating a setting where we, the Morph Founders, work alongside them allows us to provide hands-on advice for those who need it and build deeper relationships with the companies we invest in. 


The result of this community setup? Start-ups who are empowered with what they need to succeed. 


Designed to inspire 


Set back from Copenhagen’s lakes, Morph House was designed by Georg W. Møller, the mastermind behind Hotel D’Angleterre, and is complete with meeting rooms named after society’s greatest thinkers, an impressive library selection, and even a resident unicorn (Twinkle). In summary, it’s a setting that inspires and encourages. 


We’re not just another startup hub in a brandless building - we’re a community with a shared purpose. Currently numbering around 90 people, we’re small enough to all know each other and big enough that we can inspire each other with our different specialities. And the energy in the house is a reflection of professionals who are deeply passionate about what they do, meaning every week is exciting and different. 


Why don’t you stop by and see what we’re up to? 

Current companies in Morph House are: Skycore, Taxhelper, Kontrast, Float, Risika, Butter, Morph Mentum, Morph Capital, Freeborn Studios, Hyphen, Friday Group.

Read more about Morph House here.

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